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how to move/import backup images between masters servers

Created: 01 Dec 2013 • Updated: 01 Dec 2013 | 1 comment


We are running two environments of Symantec Netbackup on windows server 2008 R2 SP1.

Each environment is contained on different master and medias servers, but they have a network connection shared between them.

Sometimes, I need to restore from a certain enviroment to the other one. In order to perform this request I usually used to create a new disk pool on the destination enviroment that is actually the same disk on the source enviroment. Then, I used to copy the following directory from the source enviroment :


that includes information of the backup.

To the destination evniroment, also the same path:


eventually, after finishing all these steps I tried to look for the images on the catalog on the destination master server and I could see the source_client_images and start the restore.

Unfortunatly, I tried to do this again but its not working me anymore.

Please advise.

Thank you.

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Duplicate post.


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