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How much Bandwidth is Needed for Site Server?

Created: 31 Aug 2013 | 1 comment

WE have a site in India that needs to have a site server set up and my network admin has asked how much bandwidth will be needed for the site server. We have 1 NS site server in North AMerica and 15 other site servers at locations through out North America.

I explained what a site server is and does to him but he still comes back with

How much BW do you need for the local server to work? Can anyone tell me this?

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Tough question.  I'd say "that depends" on several factors.

MOST of the time, a slow connection is just fine.  We had customers on satalite connections making this work.  I don't recommend that.

MOST of the time, you're only sending XML files over that connection.

SOME of the time, you're synchronizing new packages.  If the packages are HUGE, you either need a fast connection OR a lot of advanced planning.

ONE time, you synchronize everything (unless you prestage) and that can take a while.

IF you are deploying images in that location, those are HUGE packages, and uh - can take time to replicate out.  IF the systems are sent back to be re-imaged, then don't put task out there, just package, and you'll be fine.

So, some thoughts.

Thomas Baird
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