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How much data is transfered from SEPM to SEPM server

Created: 05 Nov 2013 • Updated: 06 Nov 2013 | 7 comments
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        I would like to setup a central logging setup.  1 SEPM at Headquarters(all logs will be here) and 3 in different locations around the world. 

i have been having trouble finding info on exaclty how much and how often data is transfered from the 1 of the downstream servers to the central server.  i am worried about our WAN speeds

thanks for any help

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It's going to depend on how many logs you keep and how long for. There isn't going to be a set number here. Are you talking about replication as well? You can set a schedule on how often replication occurs.

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my goal is to have it work simualar to WSUS.

Have 1 server as a master server that contains all the logs and updates.  i would like the secondary sites 93 of them)  get there updates from the master server and have all the secondary sites rollup there logs to the master server. 

when you say "replication as well" do you mean definition updates being rolled down to the secondary sites? and logs being rolled up to the master site?  then yes i do.

i attached a little diagram of what i need.  solid lines are LU definitions being pushed down, and dotted line would be logs rolling up.  am i correct on how this works?

thanks for the help

2013-11-05 15_32_16-_Diagram1.dia (C__Users_Shawn.Pavao_Pictures) - diaw.exe_.png
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Thank you for posting in Symantec community.

This is a network design prior to implement?

By looking at the network diagram I have a question for you.

How master server will update secondary servers? through replication? or thought any other medium?

Total how many clients will upload the logs to the Master server? What's the available bandwidth between Master and secondary server?

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that may be the part im confused on.  how do the secondary servers get definition updates?  would that be normally through replication?

we are only using SEP for our servers, so it would be around 140-150 servers.  on average we have 100Mb WAN to our sites.

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primary can replicate defs and packages to secondary servers