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How to obliterate a PGP Encrypted Disk - Partition and DATA

Created: 10 Nov 2012 | 3 comments

I really had a difficult time getting PGP to go away - I was using FDISK on my MAC but while it looked like it was making changes, it did not.

I tried Darik's Boot and Nuke - you can Google that - and it killed everything the disk.  I had no trouble after that using TrueCrypt (you can google that too) to encrypt the whole drive.  

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You cant format a disk thats loaded and in use, or were you using FDISK on a different physical disc?  Boot n Nuke is a very handy tool, great for wiping discs clean

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Fdisk doesn't wipe the MBR. DBAN does. If the PGPMBR is still in place, then you will have difficulty using the drive. Another method is to use DD like so:

dd bs=4096 if=/dev/zero of=/Volumes/VOLUMELABELHERE

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