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How to obtain version oracle database.

Created: 02 Aug 2012 | 1 comment
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I need to obtain version of oracle database.

I created a batch file that connect to server and execute a select in to 'v$version' and create a txt file with results.

Now I need to import this results on Altiris.

Exist SMP a configuration default, that show version of database?

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I created a script that execute a select on Oracle database, but not send data to NS.
How I can to force the script to send data to NS?

. `aex-helper info path -s INVENTORY`/lib/helpers/
# Sample script for custom inventory
# The first line of code should be always included at the begin of the script
# Actual script for collecting inventory data begins after the following label:
echo Produto_Oracle_UNIX
echo "Delimiters=\" \""
echo string50 string50 string100 string50
echo Host_Name Instance_Name Product_Name Product_Version
sqlplus -s version/version @/root/versao.sql | tail -6 |  awk 'BEGIN {FS="\x0A";RS="";ORS""} {x=1; while (x<NF) {printf $x"\" \""; x++} print $NF "\n"}'

Anybody help me ?

Carlos Eduardo CUSTODIO

Altiris Consultant