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How to only have PGP Bootloader show after parition is selected to boot.

Created: 17 Dec 2012 | 1 comment

Hi Guys,

Struggling here... have PGP Desktop 10.

I have 3 paritions on the machine.

1x Lenovo Recovery
1 x Windows 7 Partition (Work)
1 x Windows 7 Partition (Personal).

The way I would *like* it to work it would be:

---MS Boot loader-|
                           1. Windows 7 Work Partition
                                 1.1 -- Boots into Windows
                           2. Windows 7 Personal Parition
                              2.1 -- Boots to PGP Boot Loader Menu With Encryption Password
                                          -- 2.2 Boots to windows (after correct password is entered).

So I would like to enter the MS boot loader, choose to boot into Win7 Personal and then be presented with PGP.
I wouldnt like to have the PGP boot menu come up and then choose my parition after.

Is that possible? What are the commands?

Kind Regards


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Alex_CST's picture

Do you have just the Windows 7 personal partition encrypted?

To be honest I don't think so, you would have to run the windows setup to do the /fixmbr to restore the Windows MBR to the top of the pile, but then it would just not authenticate at all.  I;ve not tried this, but have you considered encrypting both partitions, and having 2 separate usernames and passwords for both partitions, and a blank password for the work partition?  Just thinking out loud here.

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