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How to pedict media are stuck or not from robtest

Created: 04 Apr 2013 • Updated: 10 May 2013 | 5 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Hi there is lots of issue releted to media stuck in SL500 & L180 tape library

each time backup stuck i need to check media allocation through nbrbutil -dump if allocation is not there i attempt to unload that media from robtest

& conclude whether it is stuck or not (library vendor is diffrent i just raise issue with them)

is ther any ohter way to find out media stuck from robtest or any other NBU command which will make this task bit easy.


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Marianne's picture

More info, please!

What are the errors you are seeing in NBU?

Please post all text from Job Details of one or two failed backups.

Please also tell us more about your environment - standalone master/media server? or multiple media servers sharing drives?

If shared drives - is issue seen with all drives or just some of the drives?
On one media server or more than one?

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Dyneshia's picture

you will also see errors in the event viewer for windows or /var/messages

stating robot move operation failed.

mph999's picture

Hi Sunny,

Nope, I think you have the best way.

I do not know the OS, but if you know the drive the tape is in you don't actually need to start robtest.

This works on unix/ linux.


root@nbmaster00 proc $ echo 'm d1 s1' |tldtest -r /dev/sg8
Opening /dev/sg8
MODE_SENSE complete
Enter tld commands (? returns help information)
Initiating MOVE_MEDIUM from address 1 to 1024
MOVE_MEDIUM complete
/dev/sg8 is the path to the robot, you can get this from tpconfig -d
For tld type robots, robtest actually runs tldtest, which is why the above works.
You can run any robtest command this way, and it's very useful for getting the output of s s or s d into a file.
Regards,  Martin
Setting Logs in NetBackup:
Raaavan's picture

Hi All,

NBU environment details -

Master server version / OS - / Solaris 10

3 LAN media server all @ with Solaris 10

Robot control host ( with Solaris 10) SL500

Robot control host ( with Solaris 10) L180 & IBM3500

Total media server - 206

windows 118

solaris 20

AIX 68

Multi path is configured for all drives which are zoned to heterogenous system and hosted on different LAN media servers

media's frequently stuck in drives below is eg bperror oputput .i dont seen any significant error logs in job description drive just leaves it's allocation.

1365266972 1 386 8 HBNBUFTMS1 0 0 0 *NULL* bptm TapeAlert Code: 0x0a, Type: Informational, Flag: NO REMOVAL, from drive Drive019 (index 19), Media Id D00377

1365267778 1 386 8 HBNBUFTMS1 0 0 0 *NULL* bptm TapeAlert Code: 0x0a, Type: Informational, Flag: NO REMOVAL, from drive Drive019 (index 19), Media Id


in vmoprcmd -d output drive shows like below ExtMID it wont show anything

Drv Type Control User Label RecMID ExtMID Ready Wr.Enbl. ReqId

12 hcart DOWN-TLD Yes D00377 Yes Yes 0

Error while unloading from robtest

Invalid command

unload d8

Drive "Drive019" has more than one path configured.

You must choose which path to use for the unload.

1. EVS1CHAND:/dev/mt_d21l0

2. EVS2BH:/dev/mt_d21l0

3. EVS3KMILL:/dev/mt_d21l0

4. ZFS-DAKC:/dev/rmt/8n

5. /dev/rmt/84cbn

Please select a path from 1-5 [1]: 5


Opening /dev/rmt/84cbn, on the local host, please wait...

Error - cannot unload drive 8, I/O error

what to see in /var/adm/ messages ?

Also i have noticed one more thing storage unit configuration from GUI took much longer then in it almost taking 9-12 Hrs to complete

Raaavan's picture

Hi All,

Changed Media_Unmount_delay parameter up to 300

&  isssue got resolved addressing less Media stuck in library's