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How to properly backup Enterprise Vault with agents

Created: 12 Feb 2014 | 5 comments

Since we got Enterprise Vault, backups have been a pain.  I've really wanted to focus on getting them correct, and have spent the last few days making changes, doing test backups.   Seems like when I fix one issue, another arises.  So I need some help!

Here's the enviornment.  I've got 2 Enterprise Vault servers, EV1 (pretty much does everything) and EV2 (only Discovery Accelerator) and both servers have their databases on SQL1 (only EV databases).  All servers are virtual, and we have all the proper agents.  Running EV 10.0.4 and BE 2012 SP3.

Typically we run daily incrimental backups, with fulls on Saturdays.

Problems that I am having are mostly with SQL backups.  Either it complains that no transaction logs are backed up, or that some other application has already backed up the database, so changes are now out of sync.  According to Symantec's best practice, all the databases of EV should be set to recovery mode Full.  The EV Agent jobs don't allow me to tweak any SQL stuff.  Theres no SQL section, so I have to do that elsewhere, but then I get the errors about something else backing up the databases.

I also have AVVI backups of these servers, but have learned that having them set to GRT backups will disrupt SQL backups, so I've got that turned off for the AVVI backup of SQL1.

Without getting too crazy detailed in the description with my backups - can someone give a suggestion here?  I know backups without the EV agent are more painful, but EV agent backups should be easier than this!

Thanks in advance!

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The message "no transaction logs are backed" is pretty normal.

modify the value 'Non-Log Backups Before Warning' to a higher value
See this technote:

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Although PKH is right, in the sense that currently EV SP3 and SP4 are not listed in the SCL for BE 2012, support does not turn EV 10.0.3 or 10.0.4 cases away.

I would recommend referring to the Backup Exec Admin Guide’s EV section on pages 917 – 961. The Admin Guide can be found at the following link:

Laurie Downey

Backup Exec

Advanced Tech Support

Symantec Corporation

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Zerocool - I assume you are talking about the alrets withing EV?  Still, I need to backup the transaction logs somehow, without disturbing the SQL backups.  

I will check the Admin guide as suggested. 

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Just to follow up regarding the supportability of Enterprise Vault 10.0.3 and 10.0.4 with Backup Exec 2012 please take note of the following:

At this time Backup Exec 2012 does not support the latest Enterprise Vault  service packs 10.0.3 or 10.0.4 which is why you will not find them on the on the current SCL (software compatibility list). However, we also know that with some its been observed to be a configuration issue that can be worked, addressed and resolved the same as a supported version such as Enterprise Vault 10.0.2.

Enterprise Vault SP3 & SP4 are scheduled to be supported with the next release of Backup Exec .

Laurie Downey

Backup Exec

Advanced Tech Support

Symantec Corporation