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How to properly create a selection list for a hyper-v server

Created: 27 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

I currently have a hyper-v host running Windows 2008 R2(small business server 2011) with 2 guest VMs. In I'd appreciate some thoughts on how to properly choose the hosts and guests in the selection list.

The hyper-v host is running backup exec 2012. I installed the backup exec remote agent on each of the two Windows 2008 R2 VMs. In my list of servers, I now see the following:

1.  hyper-v host

2.  VM guest #1

3.  VM guest #2 (this server is running SharePoint and Exchange as part of the SBS install)

4. SharePoint server farm 1 (this is the sharepoint instance from Windows 2008 R2 VM guest #2).

If I create a backup job for the hyper-v host, it allows me to select the host and the two guest VMs in it. I run the backup and it finishes successfully. however, when I go to the list of servers, the two VMs and the SharePoint server farm are listed as "never backed up".  Do I need to create separate backup for these VMs or will the job I already have cover it? I do want to be able to use the GRT functionality for SharePoint and


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Its expected as the VM backup was not done via RAWS & hence it shows as "never backed up"

Post the backup, if you select the Hyper-V host & choose to restore, it would allow restore of complete vhd's, whereas if you select the actual VMs & choose restore, it would allow GRT restore.

you are indeed backing up the right way, just make sure GRT is enabled in the backup job properties.

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There is no GRT support for Sharepoint farms.

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Provided it is not distributed over a couple of machines.

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Is the best practice to use the sharepoint agent for the farm and then backup the actual sharepoint VMs without using RAWS?

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So the answer to you question would really depend on how the farm is setup.

Single Server setup (All SharePoint Componenets on the Same VM Guest) - The best way to backup this would be using a Single Pass backup. i.e Backup the Guest using Hyper-V

Multi Server Setup - For this the only way to backup is using the SharePoint agent and RAWS. Unfortunately, Backup Exec Agent for Hyper-V will not be able to perform GRT of any distributed application installed on the Guest (Example Exchange DAG, SharePoint, etc)

In either ways, the SharePoint agent needs to be licensed. This is now called as Database and Applications License.