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How to Protect material on a Non Connected Laptop

Created: 13 Oct 2012 | 6 comments

Gents ,

           I am new to DLP and I need your support to achieve following objective .My company has a consultant who has lot of critical data on his laptop which is used to generated different reports .Now since his laptop is personal so we are concerned about the security of our data . My Objective is to Secure our consultant laptop so that this data can't be misued .Referring to your own such experience ,kindly provide some guidelines on action items in this regards .The tools available with me are  DLP &  PGP  .

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the agent atleast should be communicating to the Detection server once in a while in that way the incidents are reported.

If the agent machine is not commuicating with the server PGP or DLP server then its hard to prevent.

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a couple of options here come to mind they all have been covered here before...


Placec endpoint server in DMZ but use different key for these laptops.

Possibly look @ endpoint server for these users in the cloud

Possibly move endpoint and enforce to cloud

setup vpn from users house to office


force a vpn connection every 5 days for the endpoint to talk with the Universal server

Consider Just PGP desktop delpoyment with out the universal server at least you know it is encrypted.

setup vpn from users house to office

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If you install DLP agent on his laptop, and, this DLP agent got your policy already, then, it will work even the laptop is not connected to your enterprise network.

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did you get the answer you needed. Yang has a valid point also, you also need to remeber that if you change the policy and the laptop doesnt connect back to the netowrk it will not get the policy  update.

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Hi Subhani, You can achieve above concen by installing DLP agents and Encryption technology as PGP etc.

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Hi Subhani,

You can achieve the same by VPN authtication for login and installing DLP and PGP on same.

Please refer below