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How to put pcAnywhere host into Standby/Hibernate mode

Created: 24 Dec 2013 | 4 comments

How do I end a remote session and shut down the host so it goes into Standby or Hibernate mode. The only option I have been able to find is the Restart the host. This leaves the host fully powered up so anyone can login to it and also consume power.

If I am on the road, I want the host to be in a minimal power state.

Nicholas Geti

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Running a pcAnywhere host on a computer that uses standby or hibernate mode is unsupported. While you may be able to get pcAnywhere to work in this manner, Symantec does not offer technical support in this situation pcAnywhere compatibility with standby or hibernate mode
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To put your host into hybernate you could from the start menu while in session use windows to hybernate.  This would effectivly kill the active connection and your remote would disconnect when the host did hybernate.  

Because the OS is now hybernating the host is not active and will not answer when your call it from your remote.    This is as expected the OS has to be running to have the host answer the incomming connection.   This is why in the pcAnywhere program there isn't an option to send a system to hybernate.  

To get your hybernated computer to wake back up before you try to connect to it you could use a third party tool to engage the Wake On Lan function that will when properly performed and set up turn on a system remotely.   This would then wake up the system and after a few minutes if the host was set to launch with windows would be ready to answer an incoming connection request.

See google for how to set up WOL or wake on lan.  This page has several good points.


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The problem is not how to revive the host; I already know how to do that. The problem is putting the host back into hibernate mode from pcAnywhere,

Nick Geti