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How to read PGP Encrypted data, Any utility

Created: 07 Oct 2012 | 4 comments
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Dear All,

we have a scenario Encypted USB via PGP desktop client software, normally mobile users come and we have to paste data in there laptops (Mobile means they are guests) we cant install PGP desktop is there any utlitlity that can be used for reading out PGP encrypted data on those guest users machine. or any solution for this issue.


Kashif Sohail

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The best way will be to turn them into SDA (Self Decrypting Archives) which zips them up encrypted with a passphrase, you can then give to whoever with the passphrase and itll be able to be decrypted by any machine that can read .exe files (i.e. Windows)

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Create 1 temporay group on PGP Universal server & Create a policy & disable the USB encryption.

When you requied to connect the USB Just move the user to Temp group & update the policy.

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We are moving away from disk/volume based removable media encryption with our next product release and moving towards File based encryption on removable media devices. This enables the user to transparently encrypt files as you go and access them anywhere using a portable application essentially.  Today that utility is Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Storage. I like Alex_CST's suggsetion of using encrypted SDA archives as well that might be a solution for now as we did have PGP portable that is end of life as far as being able to obtain the software today.

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Many thanks for the reply Guys, I am looking into it in test pad. If i face any issue will let you know people.