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How to reboot the tape library

Created: 13 Oct 2013 • Updated: 21 Oct 2013 | 7 comments
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Hi can any one help me how to reboot the tape library we lost the communication on be need to reboot the libraray.the tape library is NEO 4000.

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If you dont have access to the Data Center then ask the person who is sitting at the data center to POWER OFF AND POWER ON the supply to TAPE LIBRARY it

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Your hardware documentation is your friend...

Google found these manuals:

Quick Start Guide (shows where to find the power switch):

User Guide (shows how to use the GUI):

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Did you change the ip remotely or done some changes in the configuration which might have lost the connection. Try to access it with new ip if you have changed it or wait for some time till it gets rebooted, if you have the remote access and wan't to reboot the library then go to functions tab and there is option to reboot it.

If you don't have remote access then tell the DCS person to reboot the library from the Library Menu as per Marianne pdf or just unplug the power cable from the back of the library and put it back.

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I always take down the server and then the Libaray, and then to power up the Libaray, and then the server.  some reason most of the time when I lose connection I have to do both.  If I do it in a different order I run risk of jobs try to start backing up.

But I really only see us losing connection when I do a Firmwear update, or something along thoughs lines.   Like others have asked has something been changed?

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Probably best to make sure no drives are running - some libraries will power cycle the drives directly if power is removed from the library, others, the drives are powered separately - I really don;t recommend powering off a drive if there is a tape runing in it, so safest to stop all backups and then stop NBU.

Regards,  Martin
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