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How to recover Netbackup

Created: 20 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 4 comments
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 How can i do all majors for recovering Veritas Netbackup 6.5.......i am taking backup of Catalog on daily basis on TAPES and on DSU also. I have few confusions

1.) if i have backup of Catalog on TAPE so how can i restore the Calalog image on a newly created Veritas Netbackup Server because the TAPE record should be in the Catalog :(

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You should have configured the catalog backups to send an attachment with recvery details. You need this file to simplify recovery otherwise follow this instructions:

Disaster Recovery Procedure without the DR Image File
NOTE: ONLY ATTEMPT THIS AS A LAST RESORT If you do not have the attachment included with this email, use the following instructions to recover your catalog (If using OpenStorage disk pools, refer to the Shared Storage Guide to configure the disk pools instead of step 2 and 3 below ):

        1. Install NetBackup.
        2. Configure the devices necessary to read the media listed above.
        3. Inventory the media.
        4. Run:
                bpimport -create_db_info [-server name] -id media_ID
        5. Go to the following directory to find the DR image file
        6. Delete the other files in the directory.
        7. Open Catalog_Online_Backup_1250746361_FULL file and find the BACKUP_ID
        (for example: master_1250746361).
        8. Run:
                bpimport [-server name] -backupid master_1250746361
        9. Run:
                bprestore -T -w [-L progress_log] -C bms-master -t 35 -p Catalog_Online_Backup -X -s 1250746361 -e 1250746361 /
        10. Run the BAR user interface to restore the remaining image database
        if the DR image is a result of an incremental backup.
        11. To recover the NetBackup relational database, run:
                bprecover -r -nbdb
        12. Stop and Start NetBackup
        13. Configure the devices if any device has changed since the last
        14. To make sure the volume information is updated, inventory the media
        to update the NetBackup database.

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Below mentioned TN should answer your query...

NetBackup master/media server recovery steps

-- Deepak W (Kindly close the thread if your query is resolved)

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You need to have:

1. A master server with the same OS and Hostname
2. A TL that can read the Catalog backup tape
3. Catalog backup tapes

DR file would be handy in this case. If you do not have the DR file, import the tape that contains catalog backup, and run through the catalog recovery wizard

The path to DR file would be the header file created after the phase 2 import of the catalog tape

DOCUMENTATION: How to recover a NetBackup 6.x catalog from tape if the original media server which did the backup is not available.

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Follow thw technote/s mentioned above and you should be able to recover it smoothly.
 Keep in mind you must have same OS and same version of NetBackup running on new server. Sometimes it gets picky at patch level too.