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How to Recover policies and data on enforce DLP Server.

Created: 26 Jul 2013 | 3 comments
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Hello All,

I need your help about :
• How to Recover policies and enforce DLP data.
• How to backup the configuration of the DLP Enforce component.
Currently enforce the server is hosted with Oracle server on the same physical server. The goal is to separate enforce separate server on a standalone environment.
Our existing:
  • Two Virutelles machines (Storage DLP and DLP Endpoint)
  • 1 Physical Server (DLP Enforce and Oracle) A + storage array
  • 1 Physical Server (DLP Network Monitor)
Our target:
  • Migration of Virtual Machine Storage scope to the new physical DLP server.
  • Migrate the virtual machine to the perimeter Endpoint DLP new physical server.
  • Separation Enforce server: actuellellement enforce the server is hosted with Oracle server on the same physical server. The goal is to enforce separate server (perimeter Management).
Operating Systems:

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Here is what I would do:

Backup the Oracle Database and the crypto keys for Enforce/Oracle communication.

Export your policies from Enforce as well

Build new Enforce server

Build new Oracle server

Restore Oracle Database to new Oracle server

Install Enforce on new Enforce server w/ and point to existing Oracle Database

Verify policies are in place, if not import the policies you exported

Install Endpoint server

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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please refer to this. or YOU can copy  D:\app\Oracle\oradata\protect = this will be the data files that needed to backup.


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Only one comment:
DLP policy are stored inside Oracle database. So, you can only backup and restore the database only.

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