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how to register PGP licenses under Symantec support & upgrade software?

Created: 11 Feb 2011 | 10 comments

I owe two active licenses for PGP 10.* corporate as individual.  I am trying to figure out how to upgrade the software.  The link to PGP LEMS provided at the pgp and symantec forum posts redirected me to the symantec licensing portal.  After registering with it, I noticed that my account is empty, there is no information on the products.  As per information and links provided I tried to seach my license numbers and register them with the symantec site. I put first the customer number, them the order numver, then the sku, then experimented with various options from the drop-down menu. To no avail. The system doesn't recognize me as current customer.  Then I went on trying to find out how to contact symantec support and ended up posting at this forum.  Overall, it took me 1.5 hours and reading the horrible stories at this forum this wasn't a record.

I'd like to ask the Symantec execs and support straightforward question: are you folks going to care and support existing PGP customers on a standalone basis?  When the migration is over why the licensing and support don't work as promised and advertized? Why do we need to spend time trying to figure out how to upgrade the software or register it at the symantec website?  I've been PGP customer for the last 5 years and I NEVER has had such problems before or needed to post to the forum to get heard by the support. PGP has a long tradition of supporting its customers, not only at the corporate level but at the individual level.  It's not only the software, but also the brand that won the loyalty of customers around the globe.  Is Symantec going to continue serving exiting PGP customers as well as PGP did it?  If it is then contact me via forum or by email to help resolve the problem. 

FYI I have been symantec customer both as a corporate and as an individual for the last 10 years.

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Same problem. Have to renew maintenance on 17 february and do not see way, how I can do this

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Same issue. I've spent the past 2 hours trying to figure out how to register my PGP subscription and get the updates I'm entitled to. It looks like I will have to call Symantec and hope that someone will know how to do this. My guess is they are going to drop all support for individual users and require a minimum 5 license purchase.

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LEXXMT: Until the Symantec Web Store comes online with PGP products, renewals are being handled by real human beings. Please call 1-877-294-5255, tell them you need to renew PGP products, and you should be in good shape.

pgp4mac, I think you've already spoken to Customer Care to get your licenses linked. But to address the second part of your note - NO, we have no plans to drop support for purchases of less than 5 seats. In fact, we've done a huge amount of work to ensure that sales under 5 seats can still be made, even though this is an exception to Symantec standards.

Bryan Gillson
Sr. Director, Product Management

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So, finally I get answer.


I would like to informed you that for pre-sales or renewal concerns, we advised our customer to contact either their reseller or Symantec Partner. We only offer online sales and renewals for customer who are located in United States of America.

I have direct purchase from PGP store, now I need find resseler. For my country I can't find any resellers which able renew PGP.

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I licensed 2 seats for PGP Desktop 9.9 Windows (Home) from PGP. I am still trying to figure out my options to upgrade / update these licenses to PGP Desktop 10.x Windows (Pro or Enterprise).

When will pricing for this be available? Where will it be available?


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Today I deicided to DL an update for WDE. I purchased PGP WDE in November. However I cannot proceed past the first page on the Licensing portal as it is asking me to change the country in my profile from "Select Country".

However the dropdown box is only populated with one country ...named "Select Country". Of course that is unaccepted by the portal, and I am disallowed from proceeding.

Please help.



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Symantec can go stick it!

How can the dropdown list for the country be empty and the problem can be allowed to persist. First they eliminated our support and it seems that they really just don't give a damn. Of course there is no one around to help on the weekend, support only is scripted to refer "customers" to customer care for the licensing portal errors. Thanks Symantec.

Cant wait for Lion which has build-in whole disk encryption.

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Personally I find the fact that PGP sold out to symantec experience with symantec products over that last decade have been nothing to write home about...since the integration to synamtec I find licensing harder to navigate for individual users and finding updates...

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below is the link on how you can manage your PGP licenses

Also, in renewing the maintenance, you can locate a Symantec partner/ reseller in;locale=en-us/ and make sure to select the Encryption Specialization (under Find Partners by Business Need). If you are located in US, call Sales at 1800-745-6054 option 3 for sales and renewal query.


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My maintenance license expire (so sad), and I still can find way to renew it. I have tried contact your USA team, and they told me that they able renew maintenace licenses only for USA customers. I live in UK and no any resselers provide PGP product licenses here. Is it be possible renew maintenace one some of you partners in UK able handle PGP licenses?