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How to remove agents in Trial version of BE2012

Created: 13 Feb 2013 | 6 comments


I downloaded the TRIAL version of BackupExec 2012 which has some Agents already installed (for Linux, Windows and Mac), but I need to test the standard version of BE2012. How to uninstall this Agents from TRIAL version?

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there will be a licensing wizard that you can run...deselect the agents you don't need. Alternatively just leave them as-is, especially if this is a trial version.


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I don't know where you download your trial and full versions of BE.  If they are from and fileconnect, then they are the same program.  The trial version becomes a full version when you install the licence keys.  If you are currently using a trial version, you can convert it to a full version by just installing the licence keys.  You don't have to do anything else.

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Would you like to help me to find this wizard? I can't find it. I found under "Installation and licensing -> License information" the table with license info, and I see there that Agent for Linux, Mac and Windows are installed. I would like to uninstall this agent. I can't decelect it there. Where I could to this?


I downloaded trial from I know that after installing the license key it would be the full bersion, but there is the warning during instalation the trial version, and it warn that the trial version has enabled all options and agents, which isn't available under standart version of BE2012. I need to test this program in exacly standard version, without any options or agents available in trial version. I need to check, which checboxes are available in standard version, which text edit field are grayed, which radiobutton are disabled etc.

Is there available trial version which has execly the same functions available like standard BE2012?

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To de-select an option, click on the BE button and then click on Install Options and Licences.  Follow the dialog and de-select whichever option that you do not want.

There is no such thing as a "standard" BE 2012.  We will all have slightly different versions depending on the licences that we have.

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In BE 2012 because we hide most of the options for products that we don't find on a server being backed up then unless you actually point at a server that needs the agents you won't see the job configuration options that go with them anyway, so the only place you should see them is listed as Eval in the licensing screen.

Or course if you accidentally point at a SQL or Exchange server then you will see the options that are not part of the core license and this would actually happen even if you are licensed for just core media server (as for first 60 days agents and options can still be evaluated individually even when you have a core license installed.)

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Hi Colin!

I found this thread through googling and have the exact same problem.  I installed the trial of Backup Exec 2012 on one of my servers, and after testing it for a period of time I purchased a license.  License was somewhat more difficult and counterintuitive to install than I'd thought it should be, but eventually I got it on there.  Now I'm still getting a message "55 days until 1 trial license expires".  When I click on "View license information" it shows me that I'm on a trial period of "Agent for Linux, Agent for Mac, Agent for Windows".  How do I remove those?  When I go through the menu option for "Installation and Licensing -> Installed Options and Licenses on this Backup Exec Server" it doesn't give me any option to remove the agents.  As you say above, they're "hidden", but how do I make them visible to get rid of them???  :(


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