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How to remove backup sets in BE2014?

Created: 02 Jul 2014 • Updated: 17 Jul 2014 | 14 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

In 2012 version i can go to storage and on Backup Sets tab remove backup sets.
In 2014 I can't do this. No "Remove" point in context menu.
where can i find this menu?

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And status of field Storage is "Unknown".
I did Inventory and Catalog.

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From the Backup & Restore tab and then choosing particular server or from the Storage tab, choose the option "Backup Sets" from the left pane.

Right-click a single or multiple backup sets and you would have the option "To expire backup sets

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backup sets.jpgThere is my menu.
No "To expire backup sets immediately

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Choose Expire. This would expire the backup sets immediately.

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I do this. and no result.
how long expired backup sets will be remove?

i do:

"To manually delete a backup set in 2014, go to Backup Exec button > Configuration and Settings > Backup Exec Settings > Storage and enable the,'Allow Backup Exec to delete all expired backup sets,' option. Then proceed to Expire (delete) the selected backup sets."

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Possibly, because the status of the Storage shows as "Unknown". Does an inventory complete successfully ? Does the Storage appear online if the Backup Exec services are restarted ? Do you see any errors in adamm.log post service restart ?

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I suspect "Unknown", but...
inventory successfull.
storage is online. on CASO this storage online, and show me right size and capacity.
adamm.log doesn't contain any error.

And all storage on this MMS has "Unknown" status.

On other MMS backup sets removes succesfully.

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Is this storage local to the CASO or to the MMS ? If local to the CASO, was it shared with the MMS ?

The screenshot which you posted earlier, was that from the MMS ?

On the CASO server, under the Storage tab, what are the status's of the MMS ?

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It is local storage on MMS.
Screenshot was from MMS.

status MMS on CASO:


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The screenshot is a bit unclear. When you manually expire the backup sets, DLM process should run immediately. If it's not running, do ensure the disk storage device is not set to read-only.

Additionally, does the storage capacity for this device which shows up in the UI, does it match with the actual physical device's space ? Could it be possible, the backup sets are deleted from the actual location, but it has not been refreshed in the UI.

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DLM process has any log file?

device in not set read-only:

st prop_0.jpgthare are any other place to set storage read-only?

Storage capasity is actual. Physical volume is full also.

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Would recommend you to log a formal support case so that this issue can be reviewed in detail.

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BE Managed server was in unworked CASO server.
There is detail information:

After reinstall CASO all work fine!