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How to remove an expired trial license

Created: 30 Jun 2010 • Updated: 16 Jan 2013 | 4 comments
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I was trialing AVVI, but left it to do deduplication testing.
I've come back to it now, but the license has expired, and with it being greyed out, I cannot remove it.
Any ideas on how to...?


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You can't remove the option once you but it in evaluation mode. The only way is to purchase the license and install it and it will remoe the trial ware from there.

If you want to do further testing without purchasing then you have to install BE again or install it on different server.

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Well, since it is a live production server with SAN connections to an MSL6060 and an EVA6100, installing Backup Exec onto another server and transferring the hardware, zoning the FC switches, and then migrating the BE DB will take a bit more effort than suggested.
I don't have another server with connectivity like this...
If need be, I will log a call with Symantec and see what they say. There is some way to hack it out of the system.

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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sure you can give it a try with Symantec but i am sure there isn't other way. The other way is only to get an extender that will help you to evaluate for further 30 days but that is for complete software not for 1 particular option.

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As Saazz says =- Evals extenders are available by talking to our sales/pres sales teams (not from Technical Support itself)

However once the 60/90 days total has passed the only options are complete uininstalls or test with a separate server.

The whole point of having a time limit on evaluation that is difficult to reset is to ensure that anyone who decides they do like the option they are evaluating isn't tempted to continue in eval mode without buying a license.

As such if you do log a support call all the support staff will be able to suggest is an uninstall - which can be combined with keeping your database and catalogs - but is potentialluy a risky concept with a production server