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How to remove reservation keys on VCS disks

Created: 20 Feb 2013 | 5 comments

Dear All,

I would like to remove reservation keys on VCS disks because I want to reclaim those disks. I have tried vxfenadm with different options but no lucky

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Could you please go over the following article and let us know if you still has any issues removing the reservations on VCS disks.



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You will want to focus on the vxfenclearpre utilitly listed in the Article referenced by Sumit.

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Hello, it is trying to delete the keys on the Fencing Disk Group. The following disks are used for I/O fencing disk group.

hitachi_vsp0_04fa auto:cdsdisk    -            (fenc_dg)    online thinrclm
hitachi_vsp0_04fb auto:cdsdisk    -            (fenc_dg)    online thinrclm
hitachi_vsp0_04f9 auto:cdsdisk    -            (fenc_dg)    online thinrclm

I want to reclaim the disk below. Need to know how to remove the reservation key before reclaiming the LUN's from the storage level.

hitachi_vsp0_04b7 auto:cdsdisk    -            -            online thinrclm
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Simple point here, you are trying to clear the keys from coordinator disks,

A simple answer to that, if you shutdown fencing ofcourse after shutting down VCS completely ... once the fencing is down & module is unloaded, it should automatically clear the keys from fencing disks..

# hastop -all

# /etc/init.d/vxfen stop

# modunnload -i <mod_id_for_vxfen>    (check module ID with modinfo command)

post above steps, keys should be cleaned.

If it were data disks, I would go with procedure mentioned by Jubin ..


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