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How to remove/disable soft ignition keys?

Created: 09 Nov 2011 | 4 comments


Is there a documentation or article on how to disable ignition keys on the PGP server?

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no thats fixed. is for security and its needed. cant be changed

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Wait, you just want to be able to remove the software ignition key on your PGP Universal Server? It's possible, but sometimes this can lead to problems. This is because when you activate the ignition key, it encrypts everything in your database to that key. 

I would highly recommend opening a support case for such a procedure as it can be difficult to resolve when it doesn't decrypt everything in the database as it should and the key gets removed prematurely, etc.

Also, what version of PGP Universal server you are running would be helpful as well.

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I am running PGP Universal Server 3.0.2 ( i think .2 is the latest version)

The challenge is that when the server reboot, the ignition key locks the PGP server and when the IT admin is not available, it means mails do not flow in  and out of the bank. This is a very critical issue and cant be tolerated.

However, we are planning on removing the key.

The PGP server is currently not encrypting mails (learn mode), but you said everything in the database? Are you refering to EVERYTHING or just mails stored in the PGP Web messenger database?

I would open a support case to check this out, however i would also appreciae any additional info

What is the effect of removing the key

What is the effect of recreating the key to the same passphrase used before

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Upgraded from 3.12sp3 to 3.2mp3. The server rebooted and wanted an ignition key. Says last use was 10/17/2011 however the customer says it was not created by any of them. I see a delete button there but have heard it can cause problems. So I filed a case with support and awaiting my callback.

We are about to migrate this server to a new one and new cluster member . I want to get it right before we restore the data.