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How to rename a computer

Created: 11 Sep 2013 | 2 comments

I am running into an issue where a computer that is in my stockroom is changing its name back to a previous name that it had. This computer is off and does not run any Altiris Agents.

Here is my scenario.

I have a laptop that had a name of TEST and the status is marked as "In Stock".  In order to change the name to Dell D620, I need to change the status to "Retire" which allows me to change the computer name.  After I change the computer name, I then change the status back to "In Stock".  The day after I change the name, some computer names revert back to the previous name they had.  No matter how many times I change the name of this system from TEST to Dell D620, it will always change its name back.  The only way I can get around this issue is to create a new Configuration Item and copy all the information into the new record and then delete the old one.  This is very time consuming when computers are going in and out of my stockroom.

Is there a proper way of changing a computer name?

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As this is happening to a non-managed resource, I suspect that either a computer discovery method or a data import method is causing this change to occur, so please investigate those areas.

Another possibility is a duplicate guid scenario, where this non-managed resource is sharing the same guid with an actual managed resource.

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Please run the Resource Merge rule, it removes the multiple entries of the resource

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