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How to rename domain name for specific DLO user (DLO 2010r3)

Created: 14 Feb 2013 • Updated: 20 Mar 2013 | 3 comments
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I'm using the DLO 2010r3 and we have a migration to new domain name. So, for the DLO part, I need all DLO users to be redirected to the new domain name. As I researched, I found that there is a command line "DLOCommandu -RenameDomain". I've already tried that command in my testing envrionment, I found that it will rename all DLO users at once. That's not the point I want. Because now, there are only some users have been fully migrated to new domain name but they cannot use DLO because the configuration of DLO agent is still sticking to the old domain name.

Here is the command I tried on the DLO media server but it doesn't work.

C:\> dlocommandu -N "<domain\username>" -RenameDomain -OD "<old domain name>" -ND "<new domain name>"

Do you have any ideas to let me rename domain name for only specific user's profile?

Thank you in advance.


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Please follow the below steps to migrate the domain from one to another.

Consider two domains, domain 1 and 2. Both agent and console are installed with domain 1 credentials on two different machines.

  1. Disable all DLO Agents.
  2. Delete any automated user assignments. This is a critical step that is required to ensure smooth migration process.
  3. Change the domains of both console and agent machines from domain 1to domain2.
  4. Login to those machines using credentials of domain 2.
  5. On the DLO Admin Server machine, go to services and change credentials of SQL services, administrator services from domain1 to those of domain2.
  6. Restart services (SQL services, administrator services) and launch console.
  7. Before launching agent, on the admin console machine run this command: DLOCommandu.exe –MigrateDomain –OD<Old Domain>  -ND<New Domain> -U<Username of Agent>.
  8. Launch the agent.

DLOCommandu.exe –MigrateDomain –OD domain  -ND domain2 -U *, will migrate all users and their data from old domain to the new domain.

Also, note that providing just the name of the domain will suffice. Do NOT give domain name followed by .com

Other important points to note:

·         It is important that before running the migrate domain command a user from the new domain should not be added to the DLO database. If the user is added to the DLO database before the migration command is run, the migration for that particular user fails due to ADODB error.

·         In the storage location, the NUDF for a user should not be there for the new domain. A user1 has an NUDF named Domain1-user1, if the user needs to be migrated to domain2 then in the storage location there should NOT be a folder by the name domain2-User1.

·         It is advisable to disable agents before starting the migration.

Once the above are taken care of here is the message that you should see for each user.

What does this mean?

·         All data on the old NUDF of user1 has been relocated (cut and pasted) to the NUDF with the name of new domain.

·         This data, including the revisions of files, can be restored just as usual.

·         All revisions are appropriately listed in the restore tab of the DLO agent.

·         The user can continue to backup data right from where she left off.

If you do not observe similar success or if you face any difficulties please revert to us.



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Oh! Thank you so much for your suggestion, Avinash.  I'll try to follow your instructions.