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How to repair Incident.Satisfaction Survey Email Template Customer Service Survey link?

Created: 31 Jan 2013 • Updated: 07 Feb 2013 | 2 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

Symantec ServiceDesk 7.1.2

Problem: Incident.Satisfaction Survey Email Template contains an invalid/broken Customer Service Survey link

1. User with 'Can Administrate' permission opens an incident window.

2. User clicks Send Email under Other Actions.

3. Contact is added to the Mail List.

4. Incident.Satisfaction Survey is selected from the Email Template drop-down list.

5. Email Message is sent using either the Quick Send or Modify and Send buttons.

6. Contact receives email message with broken Customer Service Survey link (see attached screen shot).

The invalid/broken link is: /SD.CustomerServiceSurvey/composer.aspx

Which Project, Model, and/or Component needs to be corrected? Also, what is the correct link that the Incident.Satisfaction Survey Email Template should contain?

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jpellet2's picture

The email template is in SD.EmailServices and you'd be looking for [Model 9] Incedent.Satisfaction Survey. The URL is in Satisfaction Survey Body. You can either change the variable to the exact location of the URL (not the preferred method) or change the Profile Property for the link.

By default the link should be the variable: 


which is accurate

The profile properties should be pulling in from the ServiceDesk Profile inside of Process Manager which should really just be your server name. The complete URL is this


You may not be using https and servername should be the name of your servicedesk server.

Go to Admin - Data - Application Properties.

Click on ServiceDeskSettings and scroll down to Category:Services

You'll probably notice that the URL isn't fully pathed out to include the servername.

Edit the page and append CustomerServiceSurveyURL to include the full path and then save it.

Do an IIS restart and see how it goes from there.

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1. Admin > Data > Application Properties > ServiceDeskSettings > Category: Services > CustomerServiceSurveyURL value left intact: /SD.CustomerServiceSurvey/composer.aspx

2. Opened the SD.IncidentManagement project using Workflow Manager > Model: Customer Confirm Resolution > located and opened URL to Survey component > recorded Merge Data text, which is:


3. Opened SD.EmailServices project > Model: Incident.Satisfaction Survey > located and opened the Satisfaction Survey Body component's Merge Data field > deleted the busted Customer Service Survey link and replaced it with the following:


4. Saved and Published modifications to the SD.EmailServices project.

5. Restarted the Symantec Workflow Server service, performed an iisreset, and successfully completed a survey after opening the repaired link contained within the Incident.Satisfaction Survey email template.