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How to report on backups that *really* failed

Created: 19 Mar 2013 | 6 comments

Currently we use netbackup commands to report whatever jobs failed and we then produce tickets in our problem reporting system.  But I am finding (especially for Windows Exchange backups that, for example, get a 156 snapshot error) that the failed job is retried later in the day and sometimes it then works.  How can I report only on Netbackup problems that could not be resolved by Netbackup?

I really am looking for the intelligence to report only where I have an exposure. 

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You could use Opscenter for this. It has reports for job failures from memory.

Or you could script the output of bpdbjobs and look for any jobs that did not finish with a status 0.

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sclind is asking for a report that reports the clients/policies that has no successful backup and not all failed jobs. This is a report that is missing from netbackup or opscenter. To take it further, I need a report that gives me the failed SQL databases.

This report is something I want too, and before years I tried to create a script from bperror, but the lack of time and the complexity of the script stopped me.

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Similar to what revaroo suggested, I've done similar things by running bpdbjobs in cron, and comparing jobs with the same client, policy, and schedule.  If the most recent job of each set is not status 0, then you know there is a failure.

Stefanos, you could do the same thing but only filter on the SQL policies.


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and if you have 20.000 jobs per day, how easy is to do it manually. and what if the jobs windows are not the same but scattered across the night.

And for SQL backups, it is more complicated as you have to go inside the job and get the database from the file list. and compare it with all other backups. and the file string is not the same every time.

This report should be ready, out of the box.

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Stefanos - something provided by Netbackup is what I am hoping for.

I could spend them time writing a script to do all this (since, as you mentioned, doing it manually is not practical).


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yes , you can do it. But keep in mind that you have to deal with multi streaming backups that you have to analyze to find the failed one and a way to find database failures.

It is doable but time consuming...

If you start it and need help, send a pm. I may be able to help you.