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How to resolve "Drivers could not be found in the PreOS for the following devices"

Created: 08 May 2008 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 1 comment
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You run a task using WinPE as the preOS and receive an error: "Drivers could not be found in the PreOS for the following devices"

Before booting into WinPE, Ghost Console will check if it contains the correct drivers for all network and mass storage devices on the client. If it does not find the correct driver for a particular device, the task will fail with the message above.

There are two ways of resolving this issue.
1. The driver can be added into WinPE through Ghost Boot Wizard.
2. The PCI value of the device can be added to the pci.manifest.txt file. Console will no longer look for the drivers of this device.

Note: The second solution is designed for devices which are non-essential to the Ghost task and can be skipped. Also in some instances, devices may present themselves as network/mass storage devices when they are not. 

To add a driver to WinPE through Ghost Boot Wizard.
1. Open Ghost Boot Wizard

2. Highlight "Windows PE" and click on "Edit"

3. Select the WinPE you want to use and click "Edit"

4. Select the "Network Drivers" or "Storage Drivers" tab depending on the device and click "Add New Driver..."

5. Enter in the folder of where the drivers are kept, name and OS for the driver.

6. Click "OK" to load driver.

7. Select the new driver and exit.

To add the PCI value of a device to the pci.manifest.txt file.
1. On the Event Log message, scroll across until you see the PCI values of the device.

2. Locate the pci.manifest.txt file under \Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Template\common\winpe and winpe-512 folders (or
ProgramData\Syamtec\Ghost\Template\common\winpe and winpe-512 folders in Vista.)

3. Add the PCI values from the Event Log in the following format:

    PCIVender = {
        PCIDevice = (PCISubsystem)

4. Save the file and rerun the task.

eg. You receive the following message when trying to boot into WinPE

Drivers could not be found in the PreOS for the following devices:
Manufacturer: "Intel", Description: "Intel(R) 82801GBM SATA AHCI Controller", PCI Vendor: 0x8086, PCI Device: 0x27c5, PCI Subsystem: 0x200d17aa

From the message, the PCI values are:
PCI Vendor: 0x8086
PCI Device: 0x27c5
PCI Subsystem: 0x200d17aa

Add the following to the pci.manifest.txt file:
  0x8086 = {
    0x27c5 = (0x200d17aa)

The indentation used is to show how existing entries in the pci.manifest.txt file are formatted. However white space is ignored and the following is also a legitimate entry:
{0x8086 = {0x27c5 = (0x200d17aa)}}

Please remember to backup the original pci.manifest.txt before editing.

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After running the LiveUpdate for Ghost Boot Wizard the skip.pci.manifest.txt file should be used to add PCI values. This file is located under
Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Symantec\Ghost\Template\common\ or ProgramData\Syamtec\Ghost\Template\common for Vista.

The pci.manifest.txt file will be recompiled each time the WinPE image is rebuilt meaning previously added values will no longer exist.

The skip.pci.manifest.txt will be a persistant file in the same format as the pci.manifest.txt file and the contents will be copied to the pci.manifest.txt file each time the WinPE image is rebuilt. Please note running 'Refresh' on the WinPE image will not update the pci.manifest.txt file, a driver change on the image (eg removing/adding a driver) will force the WinPE image to be rebuilt.