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How to restore secondary domain controller Windows 2003 Sp1

Created: 19 Feb 2013 | 10 comments

Hi, i would like to restore to secondary domain controller in windows 2003 Sp1

the server is not into the domain

my netbackup version is and it's a master server

when i trie to restore, i have a status 50

and it's not posible with the GUI to uncheck a element like eventlogs

have you got a idea

thank you

Best regards


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If this is for a complete recovery of the secondary DC, please follow this Technote for Windows 2003:

If you are using BMR, then follow the BMR procedures instead.

The AD/DC components are part of the System_State during backup. Restoring the complete System_State will restore the AD/DC.

As the Technote states, you have to perform the restore procedures from within the client, and not from the master/media server:

For this procedure to work, the restore must to initiated from the client and not the master server or remote media server.

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Hello, I followed this document
However, the special thing is that my server is master server with a tape drive integrated

I put mode Ad restoration and there I have a status 13

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Is your secondary DC also a NetBackup Master/Media server?

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If so then you should not follow the Technote, as it is really for recovering a DC from scratch, and doing so would affect the other application(s) on the same server. (In your case, NetBackup Master)

GRT restore is generally not done on secondary DCs either, because they are supposed receive updates from the primary DC.

Since there is a working primary domain controller, you could just treat this one as a new domain controller, join it to the existing domain, and allow Active Directory replication to update it to the current state. (Refer to Microsoft documentations). NetBackup may not be needed.

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yes, but, the goal is to make a DR because the server is on a remote site

is it normal to have dimmed the elements?

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As I have explained above, by putting NetBackup Master on the same server as this secondary DC, you cannot do full DC recovery or BMR. GRT restore is also not useful against a secondary DC.
That makes backing it up fairly pointless.

If the secondary DC is on its own server and not together with the NetBackup Master, then at least you could back it up and use the full recovery procedure or BMR if needed.

Also, using NetBackup to "create" a DR server of a DC would not be the best method. This task is best handled by DC itself, i.e., Primary DC updates the secondary to the current state. Once it is "created", then back it up using NetBackup. (Again, Netbackup on separate server...)

is it normal to have dimmed the elements?

I would recommend to stop attempting to restore the primary DC to this server for the purpose of "creating" a secondary DC this way. Since this involves restoring the System_State the non-GRT way, in the worst case you could adversely affect the NetBackup Master server that is also running on the same server.

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Thank you, but I do not want to create a secondary dc
I just want to restore it as it was before

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Due to the Master server being on the same machine this is not possible. I'm not sure the master server would allow/want you to restore the System_State to the OS it is running on.

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I know it is required by the Os, but in any case it is required
Similarly, if you follow the basic steps that you gave