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How to Run Backup Job?

Created: 11 Sep 2012 | 8 comments

I am new to BE2012 and I am stumped
I can not run my backup job
Run Now is grayed out and can not run?
Does it not let you run jobs after 3 failed attempts?
I can not backup to my NAS it fails because of a "potential problem"
But can' figure out what the problem is?

So I hooked up a usb drive and I am trying to test but it won't let me run a back up job?

I can put I job on hold and clear the on hold job and it passes a Test Run
But will not let me Run Now?

And the second job will not run it has "Rule Blocked"
I figured out it will not let me run until first job runs!

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The Run Now option will be greyed out if you are looking at a multi-stage job defunition (for example a full and incremental definuition) as run now has no way to tell which stage you want to run.

There is a little black arrow to the left of the job definition name, click this arrow and it will expand the job to show the stages. If you click on a stage you should be able to do a run now.

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Very helpful. Totally counterintuitive functionality.

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Are you kidding me when I click the Run Now button it doesn’t ask which job I want to run it’s just grayed out!

I spent 95 minutes with support I found this out along with other things that are not working

I didn’t known I could expand the job and see the rest of the job so no matter how hard I push the Run job now button it will not do anything

Who though this was a good idea man I am pulling out my hair calling support why I cant run a backup

If I click a job and click Run Now it should work or at least let me choose the job to run doing nothing drives me crazy its broken its not working poorly designed unreliable something’s not rite

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What's the problem with Test Run why does every job fail!

so after working with support for 2 more hours we found this is a know problem so if I disable test run backup jobs seem to work

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I wanted backup jobs to put backups in different folders for each server like many other backup solutions

But not with this product the work around is to map each folder for each server you want to backup this took another hour with support to figure out

The problem with this is it adds up all those folders on you storage drive and makes it seem there is way more storage the you have Example you map 5 folders on the same drive for 5 differant servers well now you have 5 time's the capacity that’s government math I have a 13 Tb NAS with 5.5 TB free with 5 mapped folders it now shows I have 27.5 Tb free Storage Nice

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Still trying to figure out how to backup a server
Using the "Symantec Backup Exec 2012 Administrator's Guide"
On page 159 it tells you how to add servers to a list and to deploy the client
I don't have the option? I watched the video from Symantec and I see that menu in the video but not on my new install of version SP1?
So how can I proceed?
I went to Symantec website and downloaded the new version of Admin guide has same info
"To add servers to the list of servers
1 Click the Backup and Restore tab, in the Servers group, click Add.
2 Complete the steps to add a server or servers to the list of servers."
Don't have this option?

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I am trying to figure out what Symantec is thinking it seems all email notification is off by default

After turning on the entire job pass fail email options you still per backup job have to turn it on

This is very important to know if a job fails or runs at all why it all is off by default?

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So it seems backups are starting to work

Trying to print report of backup jobs Sorry Stumped Support he will research and get back to me in a few hours?

Cannot figure out how to run report for a particular server really this is very hard for some reason

I want to delete all orfend files from all the previously failed attempts at backing up the server