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How to see written activity on USB drive?

Created: 03 Aug 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 12 comments
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This issue has been solved. See solution.

Dear all,

How can I find out that are the files written on USB Drive?

Warm regards,

Sumit Bose

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Under Application & device control policy you can select the option for " "Log files written to USB drives."

The logs can viewed under

Logs can be viewed in SEP client console under View Logs menu > Client Management > Control Log...
Logs can be viewed in SEP Manager under Monitors menu > Logs tab - Log Type: Application and Device Control, Log Content: Application Control - Select View Log

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i have one policy which blocks USB devices, and second policy which logs all activities written to USB devices (for those users who has right to use usb device).

in the second policy:
1."marked  "Log files written to USB drives" option
2. assigned to those groups of users, who has right to use USB devices.

when i wanted to see logs of those users who transferred some files on USB, i received output (see below)...

there was said that more effective way for logging, will be use of wildcards *,:

Exaclty where i have to add this wildcard in policy?


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Are u talking about the Log or the content of the USb drive??? I am not quite clear with ur query, please elaborate it



Ajit Jha

Technical Consultant


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Thank you kavin, i think it's correct procedure to see logs files.

@Ajitjha If user copy any data from the PC to USB, N/w, CD,DVD,Floppy, SEP will trace the location of files.

Hope u understand!

Ajeet Kumar

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One thing i want to add here

when u configure this policy use wildcard *
so that all process will come in logs.

Thank you

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Dear all,

Thanks for the responce.

Kavin your suggestion is the correct one but i woluld like to mark the sulotion to Ajeet as using wildcard it works more efficntly

Warm regards.
Sumit Bose

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No Problem Sumit I am happy you got the solution.

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Where is the option to Log files written to USB drives , I cannot see it anywhere ??



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To check logs click on monitor-logs-application & device control

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Hi , I know where th check the logs , I just can't see any option to select "Log Files written to USB Drives" .... in the Application | Device Control Policy


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There is no way to search by rule name...I have put in the suggestion back during the original release of SEP 11...still don't see the functionality....