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How to set Agent Bandwidth control setting

Created: 22 Feb 2011 • Updated: 23 Feb 2011 | 7 comments
This issue has been solved. See solution.

I have some client pc’s managed with BESR2010MS

And it seems some clients have Bandwidth control on and some are off

My workstation in particular the bandwidth setting is on when I set it off I reopen the client and it’s on agene?

Is there a policy to set this on or off?

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Yes, this can be controlled using the performance policy in BESR-MS (Manage Tasks--Configuration Policies--Performance).

Hope that helps.

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I see it was disabled so I turned it on and made sure Enable network throttling is not checked

I see my computer is in the list to get this policy

I saved I updated my client

And it didn’t work I still have bandwidth control still checked and I change it to off close the client and reopen and its checked

I will wait a day or two and see if there is any difference

Thanks for the quick response

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No problem. Feel free to mark as solved if you believe this has answered your question.

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As far as I can tell it seemed like it should work but I checked my client and it still has Bandwidth enabled

I tried to open a case on MySymantec but not having any luck

When I try to make a case for BESR2010ms I get an error

Then some one from Symantec contacted me and told me to setup a case for SPSee 3.0

Because BESR2010 is part of the suite

I did and now I am in the SEP queue for support

And his dos not know about BESR2010MS?

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I've tested this here and it seems to work fine.

How many client machines have you tried this with so far? Have you tried any other policies to see if they work or not?

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I have had BESR2010MS for 2 years and so far I have deployed to 9 clients out of 450

Its been a struggle and so far with very limited success with backups sometimes It seems I know more about the product than support witch is not much 

Rite now I am working with support trying to find proper support to help with this issue

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I spent several hours on the phone with support

The Performance setting in BESR2010MS controls bandwidth of backup data

It has nothing to do with the Bandwidth Control setting in the Altiris agent

Apparently the reason I couldn’t change the setting is in Windows 7 User access control

When it is set to never notify I can change but if its set higher you can not change the setting either enabled or disabled

Ok how do I make this ticket as self solved?