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How to set up automatic removal from a filter

Created: 04 Dec 2012 • Updated: 04 Dec 2012 | 2 comments
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The way we set up our software deployments is that we are tasked to install to a specific range of systems on a given day then add to it a day later and so on. What we've been doing is creating a master filter and sub filters for each deployment where the master is targeted by the MSD. This has worked just fine for us but what I would like to do is once the compliance check is done (successfully) that it automatically removes the client from the filter, this way the detetion check is not on-going until I disable the policy.

One of the reasons I'm looking to do this is that if that system goes offline for a few days the compliance reports note it as "Not Applied" which management always raises a fuss over even though it only means that the client didn't send a status for that particular event that day. I've also found a bunch of cases where the software is installed but the status comes back as "Not Compliant" or "Not Applied" (Our compliance check looks for a specific registry key that our packages create on install) so I think it may just be best to see if the software is there and if it is have it removed from the filter. Our reporting has always been "Start with 0 and go up" but this would just change it to "Apply to up and watch the number left go down" this would be akin to the way the plug-in filters work where the number starts big and gets smaller. 

If I'm overthinking it please tell me, and thanks for the advice in advance.

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I often use the Policy's Target for this, the Symantec best practice being to keep filtersSsimple and Targets complex. So I will right click on the Software Resource > Actions > Create Installed Software Filter and create a Filter of "Computers with..." and then for my Target apply:

ECNI Windows Worksations (to make sure no servers are targeted)

ECNI My Filter

ECI Computers with... (filter created above)

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That is exactly what I needed, thank you very much Andy!