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How to set up GFS single server with tape offsite

Created: 21 Jun 2013 | 1 comment

My apologies for being such a newby. But I was hoping to get an idea on how to put togther a workflow for backing up a single server using GFS for tape while sending tape rotations to offsite. Having trouble with this new version of Backup Exec and looking to do the following:

I have a Quantum Superloader 3 with a single LTO-5 drive and 14 tapes. Looking to backup up a RAID that has the capacity to go up to 4TB, but not at the limit at this point. Data retention to keep information around is only needed 3 months as a seperate procedure is used to duplicate archives and stored indefinitley.

The quantum is running on its own backup exec server and is backing up a windows 2008 server with attached RAID. Looking to also create a schedule on getting tapes to go offsite on a rotating basis, this is the part I have having trouble with. Setting up the media pools for the GFS and how that would apply to offiste tape rotations on a smaler unit like the Quantum. Have no issues with extra tapes going in and out of the system. Any help to help me quickly get an idea on how to map this out with Backup Execs new workflow features.

Any help would be appreciated.

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1) Talk to your management and users on how long do they want to retain the backup sets.  There is no point setting up your media sets and find that they are at odds with your company's requirement.

2) Set up as many media sets as it is required to meet the above requirements.  You also got to determine whether you want to append to the tapes or overwrite them.  You can have some jobs appending to the tapes, like your daily incr./diff. and some jobs with longer retention period like your monthly full backup overwriting the tapes.  You might want to read this document

OPP and AP explanation

to help you define your media sets.

3) How often you rotate your tapes off-site will depend on how much data you backed up, i.e. how fast you fill your tapes, and your company's security policy on how fast a backup tape needs to be taken off-site.