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how to set an new incremental backup file will overwrite the old one

Created: 31 Jan 2013 | 6 comments


I create a B2D for the backup exec 10d, i create one media (media1)to run every other month incemental weekly(first month of the year)and the 2nd media set (media2) will also run every other month also a weekly back up (the job will run on the 2nd month of the year) with 1 month overwrite protection on both media set (it contains 4 back up file on each media set). how do i configure the backup exec to overwrite the first week that it created (not overwriting the other 3 backup file in the first month of the year) when media 1 run again on the first week of the 3rd month. need help guys..

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Set your OPP to 58 days.  You can do the change and the expiry date for existing media in the media set would be changed immediately.  You can check that the media expire just a couple of days before the next run of your jobs.

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when media 1 run again on the first week of the 3rd month.

Configure an Append period of 1Hr for this media set. From job properties, set When this job begins option to "Overwrite Always". OPP of 55 days should work better than one month in this case.

Set Media Management option to "Overwrite recyclable media in target media set before overwriting Scratch media"

I pointed you to this BLOG in your earlier query also. That exactly explains the same.

PS: I think this can be done by using with one media set also. No need to have two media sets. By creating two media sets and using them alternate months, what you are actually doing is protecting backups for 8 weeks. With a single media set with OPP 8 Weeks (better 55 days) you can do the same.

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OPP of 55 days should work better than one month in this case

An OPP of 55 days will not work.  Suppose the jobs are ran on Saturdays.  The media that are produced by jobs running on 6 July 2013 and 13 July 2013 will expire on 30 Aug 2013 and 6 Sep 2013 respectively.  When the user run his job on 7 Sep 2013 and use the disk containing these media, the above 2 media will not be protected.  If the space occupied by the media created on 6 Jul is insufficient, BE will overwrite the media created on 13 Jul.

Also, whether the user uses one media set or two, as long as the OPP for the media set(s) are the same, the media are protected for the same period.

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Correct, the 55 days OPP will be a problem when a month have 5 weekly backups to run. I have only considered 4 backup sets a month. My mistake.

and with 58 days OPP, backup set will not become overwritable with exact 4 weeks a month. Check with Sept and Oct. Sept 7 th backup set will expire on 4th Nov and backup has to run on 2 nd Nov. Not a big problem as a new backup set will be created as no overwritables exist.

If requirement is to exactly protect 8 weeks data, single media set with 55 days OPP is the best way to go for. None of the above mentioned issues occur. 

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Thank you for all the inputs experts, however, how will i set to put only the incremental. example, in week1 the total back up file is 10 gb and after a week the files added another 1gb (total of 11gb) and the week 2 run. how do i set the back up exec that only the added file (1gb) will only get the backup exec.? my experience was, in week 2. it backup all the files again plus the added one on that week (total of 11gb). any help experts?