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How to set overwrite backup to preventing full disk space?

Created: 12 Jul 2013 | 5 comments
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I'm using a Backup Exec 2012 Version 14.0 Rev. 1798 (64-bit), and have configured with the following (capture) schedule :

schedule retention.jpg

When I check the storage, capacity of disk is low because the backup process does not overwritten previously data.

How I can to set overwrite backup to preventing full disk space? Can I deleting the old data manually?

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Backup Exec will not automatically overwrite protected data. The first thing that you need to look for is in Configuration Settings -->Backup Exec Settings --> Storage and see what is the overwrite setting. Ensure that it is set to "Overwrite recyclable media that is contained in the destination media set before overwriting scratch media" This would ensure that all the older expired sets would be overwritten before creating new sets on the disk.

Once this is set and you still are facing issue with low disk space, you probabely need to look at the retention period of your full backup (looks 4 week at current settings)

Explore the possibility of duplicating this data from disk to a tape for a long term storage. This should allow you to lower the retention here from 4 weeks to less.

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              Backup exec 2012 doesnt actually overwrite disk based media There are no media sets to be applied to this media so you are unable to set it to be overwritabe. Instead Backup exec 2012 uses the DLM feature to manage expired data. When DLM runs it locates expired media and reclaims the space provided it is not the last backup set of a resource. As Jaydeep did above i would suggest that you focus on your medias retention period. I have included below documentation on how DLM works

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The problem is that the DLM often doesn't work correctly & media runs out of room. I have opened several support incidents with support & every time I am told I need to manually delete backup sets. I even need to delete the backup files directly from the backup media. My client has finally accepted that this process is necessary to prevent media running out of room.  

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Just in case the OP gets and e-mail alert from this thread - I deleted a post I made as I realized I had given an invalid answer.