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How to set a SEP Client as GUP

Created: 09 Jul 2012 • Updated: 10 Jul 2012 | 3 comments

Dear users,

I'm having difficulties setting up a GUP to download updates from the management server and delegate the updates to the client.
I have tried many options and also tried to understand what I'm not doing good but I can't seem to solve this problem on my own.
Finding information on the internet has not solved my problem. I'm in a stage that I don't see the use of calling support from Symantec already cause I think I'm just doing one thing wrong, but what I don't know.

Our environment Architecture
- My Company
- - Amsterdam
- - - Clients
- - - Servers
- - Leiden
- - - Clients
- - - Servers

The management server is located in Leiden and all the clients in Leiden can connect to our management server for updates, this part is going well.
The clients are located in the map Clients from Leiden.
But I have a client in Amsterdam Servers which I want to function as GUP for the clients in Amsterdam.
The reason for setting up a GUP is to reduce the load of bandwith between Amsterdam and Leiden.
Since it are 2 different locations but share the same internet connection.
But the clients in Amsterdam are still requesting updates from our management server in Leiden, and the GUP client doens't want to update from our management server.

In the policies I have set that the GUP client from (located in the map servers) Amsterdam may connect to the Management server in Leiden.
When I run the liveupdate on the GUP client from Amsterdam it gives me the following information:
Connecting to
Connecting to
Failed to connect to the LiveUpdate server.

Do I look in the log I see the following:
LiveUpdate encountered an error: Failed to connect to the proxy server (0xA100000E).

Overview Policy for clients in Amsterdam towards the GUP client
In the picture below you can see that our clients in amsterdam are requesting updates from server
The server with is in this case our GUP (client) in the map Servers from Amsterdam

GUP connects to Management server
Here we see the liveupdate between the GUP and the management server.
But now the GUP can't download updates from the management server.
Just like above the GUP client is located in the group Servers from Amsterdam.
This client is on other subnet and has a different IP range then the actual clients that are located in Leiden in the group Clients.

I hope someone is in the postion to help me any further.

Kind regards,

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I prefer you to check the following links.

SEP Content Distribution Monitor / GUP monitoring tool.

Configuring a Group Update Provider

How to determine what content SEP 12.1 clients are downloading from a GUP?

Best Practices with Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) Group Update Providers (GUP)

How to confirm if SEP Clients are receiving LiveUpdate content from Group Update Providers (GUPs)


Cemile Denerel BAŞAK

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..ways of setting up GUPs, but the primary rules to remember are:

  1. The GUP has to know it's a GUP
  2. The other SEP Clients have to know which GUP to use

As it stands, you need to update the LU Policy assigned to the Amsterdam -> Servers group to define as a GUP, then it should just be a matter if making sure the ports are open.

Also, please note that clicking LiveUpdate from within the SEP client console tells is to run a LU session to an LU server (Symantec by default) and does not prompt it to check the SEPM/GUP for updates.

Oh and btw, you've posted in the Encryption forums...

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Fixed the wrong forum my bad. I will also update today my subject with the progress.

Already thanks!

Kind regards,

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