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How to setup wisescript wrapper to run unattended in windows 7.

Created: 31 Mar 2010 • Updated: 03 Oct 2010 | 4 comments


My company developing Window7 image and i am trying to test packages (which works fine in windows xp) in windows 7.

We use wisescript wrapper (wise studio 8) to package vendor media and make silent or unattended install.

In windows7, we have UAC enable.

when i run packages(with admin rights), it gives me access denied to create log file under c:\windows\companyfolder\apps_logs\applications.log file.

So, my question is how can i bypass this access denied and UAC. I would like install wrapper or package unattended.

Please let me know if article or kb mentioned here.

Thanks for your help in advance

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Just being an administrator under Windows 7 does not give you administrative privileges unless you either execute the install using the right click "Run as Admin" option, or you respond to the Elevation prompt your install should give you if you have called the installation file either setup.msi (or exe) or install.msi (or exe).

There are also options to set up a manifest with Wise tools at V7 +.

I would also point out that folders under C:\Windows are read only by default unless you are elevated, and for Windows 7, I would not recommend creating company folders under C:\windows anyway. Try using c:\companyfolder and apply permissions on the folder to give users full read write access.

Try searching the Altiris KB in the Wise tools area on "Vista" - there are a couple of articles that might help.

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EDT SAID: There are also options to set up a manifest with Wise tools at V7 +.

would you please name the tool to create manifest file in wise tools. I am using WISE STUDIO 8.


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Wouldn't the designated folder which MS recommends be a better place? Isn't it C:\Users\Public\AppData?

Found this

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