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How to skip changes made by some EXE while capturing?

Created: 03 Oct 2012 | 3 comments


I'm trying to capture Dropbox in a layer. I've captured it and it works well but I have some problems with the icons for Dropbox files not showing up so I'm recreating the layer ...

During the setup of Dropbox, it restarts the explorer.exe so, after the installation, I need to open task manager, kill explorer.exe so the capture process finishes.

I know I can add autorun entries for capturing changes made by processes outside the installation (i.e. the spoolsv.exe for printers) but I would like to know if it is possible to exclude changes made by "explorer.exe".

Any idea?


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I believe you would need to use a capture tool such as Wise Package Studio 7 or 8, which allows full configuration of a capture exclusion list, in order to exclude these changes.

Alternatively, you can edit the captured layer to remove the explorer related content.

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I don't know if is an exclusion list problem ... The capture process has captured the following key in the registry:


and has some values inside: DropboxExt1, DropboxExt2, etc.

But these special icons doesn't show up in the explorer for the Dropbox folder (i.e. Dropbox uses these icons to mark shared and special folders/files).

Have you captured Dropbox using SWV?


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I have not captured Dropbox.

Is your problem that Explorer is not showing a DropBox icon against any DropBox files that are viewing in the Windows Explorer?  This is usually caused by a file association issue.

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