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How to split B2D media files to new B2D associated with specific backup jobs

Created: 29 Nov 2012 • Updated: 25 Feb 2013 | 3 comments
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I'm new to Backup Exec and I'm still trying to figure out how it works :)

Currently I have two backup jobs that backups up an Exchange server and a simple file backup - a total of 4 backup jobs; 2 full backup jobs and 2 incremental.

As the newbie I am, i started out with only one B2D for all four backup jobs, so all media files are placed in the same directory, mixed in one big mess. Now I would like to seperate the files and move them to new B2D locations that I have created. One B2D for Exchange and another B2D location for the file backup.

In my current B2D location i have around 550 .bkf files.

Is there an easy way to seperate the files (associate them with their respective backup job) and move them to their new corrosponding B2D location?
I'm thinking that maybe a duplicate job will help me? I have no experience using duplicate jobs.

I hope that manually looking through all the backup histories to identify 550 files is not necessary! :)

I'm not having any succes in finding an easy way to associated a .bkf file with a backup job.

I hope you guys can help me.

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One thing from your above query is clear that you need to move all 550 bkf from old physical b2d to new b2d which you have created ,yes you can do ,please do below steps 

1 In backup exec devices tab go to old B2d and compare all b2d number start to end with one reading physically are present once you compare ans they are present on both backupexec and physical location then first thing is please select all those bkf files in backup exec and once slelcted right click on to click on associate with media set and then move to retired media and then right click on it it delete the selected files ,deleting it from bacupexec will not delete the file from physical location but will remove it reference from database and also disabled the old b2d folder after it

2 Now select all the file from physical location which you have deleted and move it new destination were you have created b2d and once done then in backup exec restart all services and then inventory new b2d once and all the bkf would be listed 

3 You also have described having exchange backup performed to disk and if that is the case ,if exchange backup are GRT backup then it would have created img folder in your old b2d destination and you haven't mention anything about it, so please verify if there are any img those are important file too and hold all your exchange backup information and bkf files in this case does not hold any exchange information if it is GRT backup so you need to move all img in same way by deleting it from backup exec first and then moving it physically to new b2d and then doing inventory on it

Once you do all this you can delete your old b2d physically and from backup exec delete the old b2d folder



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There is no need to delete/retire the media to move it to a new B2D location on the same media server.

Just create the new B2D folder, move the bkf files to the new folder and then inventory both b2d devices and Backup Exec will sort it out. Note it MUST be a move do not do a copy as you cannot have two versions of the same bkf file or IMG folder presented to the same media server.

If however your B2D location contains IMG folders and you were doing incremental or differential backups of applications such as VMware etc, then do not change the path to the folders as these types of backup are aware of the paths to all the dependent set sequences

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There is nothing wrong with using 1 B2D folder.  For BE 2012, you can only allocate 1 storage per volume.  I think you should get use to having just 1 B2D folder.

You don;t have to worry about the management of the .bkf or .img folders.  This is the job of BE.  If you have set your OPP correctly.  They would be re-used at the appropriate time.  See my article below on this subject.  Although it is written for tape, it is equally applicable for disk media

I would suggest that you save yourself some work and leave things as they are. Also, you might move the wrong media to the wrong folder and end up with a worse mess that what you have at the moment.

If you do want to proceed with your plan to move the media files, you would have to look through all your joblogs to see which media belong to which job.