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How to start decision only project from (web service) from SMC 7.1?

Created: 06 Aug 2012 | 1 comment


I am just working on one issue in our company. We would like to have a solution which could help us to approve/decline SW installed on users machines. The idea is - we have a list of SW used on end user machine and we would like to use right click action to approve/decline usage of this SW on end user machine.

We are able to generate (via right click) some URL similar to - - where GUID is original SW id and will be always different.

We would like to start web service with this right click action which should take ID of every single SW in that list, write it into SQL with comment if it´s approved or not. 

I see at least one big problem-how to start that web service when the URL will be always different because of that GUID which is original for every single SW?

Thank you for your help,

Tomas J.