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how to switch on simplified dister recovery,

Created: 15 Oct 2012 | 6 comments
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HI ALL my jobs arecompleted with exception could not understand why my simplified dister recover isturn off is it run only for onetime

i have selected completed drives in which my mdf and ldf files are ,still y it is givng my this error,i have also selected system state and ext and sql backup instance

The backup options or selections for this job have changed since the last time it ran.

Backup- Vishnu\MSSQLSERVER
V-79-40960-37914 - Database ReportServer is configured to maintain transaction logs. Transaction log backups are not being performed. This will result in the log growing to fill all available disk space. Regular log backups should be scheduled or the database should be changed to the simple recovery mode.

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Put a check box next to the Server name...and then exclude the SQL instance.

Do not exclude files from the System partition.

Selecting Individual compenents does not enable the Simplified system protection..i.e selecting C drive and system state in 2012.


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i have included these option in my backup

1 E OR F DRIVES IN WHICH mdf or ldf files are there

2  System state



now my quistion is this earlier i have slected the sql instance and i have not got this error while taking the backup.

U WANT ME TO REMOVE THE SQL  INSTANCE, THEN will that issue resolved and plz answerthis also

which trastion logs are these ,is this backup exec sql express or is this my sql db whom i am taking the backup have these trastionlal logs

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Refer the following document

You should exclude the SQl db from the normal backup selection and back it up seprately.

To know start with SDR you may refer the Admin Guide 

For backup, refer to Page 177

For restore using SDR, refer to Page 717

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i have gone through this link could not understand this if i conitnue this option and got this error then what is the harm in this ,

please also clear this as per my understanding tras logs are those logs which are temp created by db now here i am just taking the backup of my 2 drives in which my mdf and ldf files are there,system state and sql instance now my quistion is this y it will create more trasti logs bcoz i have not done any changes on db

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When backup you Drive the mdf and ldf file would be skipped , and to backup them you need to use the SQL agent option . When you select a SQL database for backup on the background the BE SQL agent would be backing up the MDF and LDF files.

When you perform any operation in SQL there a transacation log which is created , and later the transaction is comitted to the database . Once the transaction logs are commited to the database they are not useful and you need to truncate those transaction logs which are commited to the database.Once the backup is done logs are marked for truncation and on the next schedule SQL maintainance those transacation logs would get truncated.


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The following system resources are considered critical. They must be included in backups if you want to be able to use the backup sets to perform a full system restore:
  • System volume (including EFI and utility partitions)
  • Boot volume (executing operating system)
  • Services application volumes (boot, system, and automatic startup)
  • System State devices and volumes (including Active Directory, System Files, etc.)

It is not that if you exclude individual folders from a volume SRD will turn off. You just need to make sure none of the above type of system resources are being excluded from backup selections.