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How to target jobs to tape cartridges based on Barcode no.

Created: 23 Sep 2013 | 10 comments
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Dear Experts,

Ususally when we configure jobs to tapes in storage we assign partitions of the tape librarary, but in this case I want to know whether 

1) Is it possible to target jobs to tape cartridges based on their barcode no in Backup exec 2012 sp2

2) If yes, then how can I do it.

Thanks a lot in advance,

Best Regards,

Idris Izzy

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Unfortunately, you can't target a Backup job to a perticluar Tape cartridge. Even in BE 2012 SP2, you need to target the jobs to RL partitions.

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Sure about it because in backup exec 12.5 this option was there and i even read one documentation about creating barcode rules using BEMCLI,

isn't this article talking about targetting jobs to a specific tape based on barcode no ?

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That blog article shows how to enable barcode rules with BE 2012. I am unable to find any explaination or method mentioned in it to target a job to a perticular Tape cartridge using barcode rules.

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I know it isn't talking about targetting jobs to Tape cartridge, but I thought may be it shows the possibility of it, can you please help me understand why barcode rules are being created in the first place, moreover can you findout if this option was there in ver 12.5 and now  is no more supported in ver 2012, because I am working with a client who was using 12.5 and he insists that ver 12.5 had this option. and is asking me to do the same in ver 2012.

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Barcode rules are only needed if you have mixed drives types inisde a single library so need a method to distinguish which media is compatible with which drive. No version of Backup Exec has supported targeting a job to a perticluar tape drive using Barcode rules.

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Will you please check the attachments and help me understand what is going on.

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The file does not have seem to be attached properly. Could please try again as I am not able to view it.

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The one that you have selected in the image is a Media Set. Once the job writes to a tape it would also assign it to the Media Set that you have specified in the job. I don't see how is it connected to Barcode labels.

The next time that job is run depending on the overwrite settings in Backup Exec, Media Set that the job is targeted to and if the Media is overwritable (in your case it is) the job may pick up the same media or a scratch media. If you have multiple media assined to that media set and they are overwritable BE would choose the oldest media in that to write data to (if the Global overwrite setting is configured to use recycled media before overwriting scratch)

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We have rules determining how overwritable media is selected once a job needs a pirce of overwritable media. The rules determine the selection order and the exact order can be affacted by settings within Backup Exec.

What Jaydeep has not explained is that every set of rules always contains overwrite recyclable media in any media set which can cause media to move between media sets.

The reason this rule is always somewhere in the order is that the product has been designed to always try and complete a backup if one is scheuled and not fail it just because there is not enough media available in a given media set.

These rules and the settings that affect the order are covered in our admin guides

The reason partitions lock down the control is that instead of controlling the content of the media set, they control the device the job uses and then we split up the library into a number of virtual devices (the partitions) that only contain certain slots. This results in less or even no movement between media sets (depending on how you set it up you slot partitioning) but more likelihood that a job will be queued waiting for overwritable media when you check your overnight backups