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How to turn off indexing completely for a Vault Store?

Created: 25 Apr 2013 • Updated: 26 Apr 2013 | 8 comments
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We do not rely on EV indexes for one of our Vault Stores and configured EV to do brief indexing so to not consume huge space.  However, we would ideally like to turn off indexing altogether to not consume any space at all.  Is that an option?


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Ah, sorry, we are on EV  We are hoping to turn off indexing for both mailbox and PF archives.


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AFAIK the only way is to disable the indexing service. I dont think its possible because when you enable new user for archiving, it will try to associate indexing service and its locations with the archive.

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You'd have to use Deferred Indexing but it causes FSAUtility to fail and also I think it causes issues with Vault Cache

It's just why? Don't back up the data If you're not worried about indexing

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Thanks all.

It sounds like it isn't straightforward, so I am not going to mess with it.  There isn't a huge ROI for us doing this (may save half a TB), but causing Vault Cache issues to our users is likely going to have higher cost.  The motive is exploring to see if we can avoid doing something that we don't care about.

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Probably the reason for vault cache issues is that the original synch, where the metadata cache is built on the client, for virtual vault, is built using the index. no index = no initial synch... for virtual vault. Perhaps. But then, do you use virtual vault?

Do you now deploy with the search and archive explorer buttons then? no OWA users? Users just used to finding shortcuts and opening them - no one wants to search?

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We use Virtual Vault and no OWA users.  Our users definitely search but the lack of ability to search data in both body and attachments in Offline Vault has disappointed us.  It is something we have asked multiple times and we were told it is on roadmap but nothing concrete than that.  Instead, we implemented Coveo Enterprise Search with EV integration via their connector (( to index EV data.  It is not intuitive for our users to swtich from Outlook to a Web UI to search for data, but it at least searches in both mailbox, Vault and PFs (archived and unarchived), so it is a great win.  Also, it's ranking algorithm is pretty impressive, so the results are often pretty accurate.  We think searching all archived and unarchived data (including body and attachments) from Outlook still has a great value for our users and we are hoping that Symantec implements at some point.

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hmm, yep the connector you've got sounds great... and yes I think it would be great to get this sort of thing in the product.