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How to uninstall the NBU 7.5 client from a Solaris server

Created: 15 Aug 2013 • Updated: 08 Sep 2013 | 4 comments
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I am not really familiar with UNIX, and I had one of our UNIX system administrators ask me how to uninstall the NBU 7.5 software from a Solaris 10 server. Does anyone know of a doc or link that spells out this process?



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from the Installation Guide

To remove NetBackup software from a UNIX client

1 Log in to the client system as the root user.

2 Stop the NetBackup daemons by entering the following command:


3 Identify any installed add-on products by using the following command:


Remove each identified add-on product.

4 To unregister NetBackup from the VxUL master configuration that is stored in the /etc/vx/vrtslog.conf file, run the following command:

  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/vxlogcfg -r -p 51216

The -p option specifies the product ID, which is 51216 for NetBackup.

5 To unregister all NetBackup products with LiveUpdate, enter the following command:

  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/nblu_registration -r

6 For the clients that support the PureDisk agent, remove all PureDisk files with the following command:

  /opt/pdde/ -forceclean

7 For the clients that support the NetBackup-Java Display Console, remove the console with the appropriate command as follows:

  pkgrm SYMCnbjava

8 For the clients that support the NetBackup Java Runtime Environment (JRE), remove JRE with the appropriate command as follows:

  pkgrm SYMCnbjre

  pkgrm SYMCnbclt

10 Remove PBX with the appropriate native command as follows:

Note: Remember, do not remove PBX if your client uses other Symantec software products that require PBX to run.

 pkgrm VRTSpbx

11 For all clients, navigate to the /usr/openv directory and proceed as follows:

Warning: The rm -f /usr/openv command also removes any add-on products that are installed on this computer.

If /usr/openv is the actual directory, run the following command:

rm -rf /usr/openv

■ If /usr/openv is a symbolic link to that directory, run the following


  cd /usr/openv



Warning: Before you continue, make sure that you are at the correct location and verify that the subdirectories are what you expect them to be. To help prevent removing the wrong directories, the previous commands verify your current location and list the files in that directory.

After you verify the directory location and its contents, remove the directory with the next commands.

  rm -rf *

  cd /

  rm -f /usr/openv

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Symantec NetBackup 7.5 Installation Guide for UNIX and Linux

Chapter 8: Removing NetBackup client software

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becareful while using rm -rf * command, make sure you are on right place, otherwise you will have to face the music

Regards, Taqadus Rehman

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but you have a good backup, right?  devil

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