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How to upgrade symantec DLP clients from DLP Manager server

Created: 25 Nov 2012 | 20 comments

Hi all,

How to upgrade symantec DLP clients from DLP Manager server.

After upgrade DLP manager how to DLP clients.

Can any one give me the steps to upgrade clients.



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Upgrade DLP into the Latest Version - Graphical Steps

Symantec DLP Upgrade to Ver 11.1.1 (Servers) Step by Step Plan

Thanks In Advance

Ashish Sharma

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What are you using for your Software Delivery process? SCCM or Altiris or a Group Policy to deploy the software?

if you are using Altiris there is an Integrated Component that will provide the policies to perform the agent upgrade for you.

There is nothing in the console that will upgrade the endpoint agents automatically.

Let me know if you need more help

Jonathan Jesse Practice Principal ITS Partners

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Hi Mohan,

Please refer below,

Agent hotfix or upgrade are provided in AgentInstall.msi package. Using the installation command:

msiexec /i AgentInstall.msi /q INSTALLDIR="C:\Program Files\Manufacturer\Endpoint Agent\" ENDPOINTSERVER="hostname" SMC="smc.hostname" KEY="" SERVICENAME="EDPA" WATCHDOGNAME="WDP" ARPSYSTEMCOMPONENT="1" will return the error.

This command is included in the install_agent.bat provided with the package.

To solve this issue use the following commnad instead:

msiexec /i AgentInstall.msi /q REINSTALL=ALL REINSTALLMODE=vomus

NB: This command should ONLY be used for minor upgrades and patches.

This command is included in the upgrade_agent.bat file provided with 9.0.2 agent upgrade package

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does anyone knows how to upgrade DLP?

please advice me on my problem encountered.


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hi pete,

thanks for this.

i'd encountered problems in upgrade of oracle.

please advice me on this. thank you

ora-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

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at what part do you see this error?

has there been change in account for the Oracle services logon? or has there been change in oracle variable?

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oracle upgrade:

- i installed oracle. then the location is where the the first oracle was installed.

-run the network configuration assistant

- and configure the TNS listener

-using sql /nolog in a command line to connect to the database

but there's a command which i cant proceed which is the 

conn sys/<password> as sysdba

sorry can't understand more. but the procedure i did was the following above.



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can you add a new variable  name of ORACLE_SID and a value of database name is as it appears in the tnsnames.ora file.

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how could i create new variable? do u hve the screenshot on this? thank you much.

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Hi Mohan,

You cant do upgrade through DLP manager (Enforce) for this u need to do throgh Altiris or GPO methods.

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i hope there's screenshot on this upgrade agent on dlp hays

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  I upgraded the enforce server, but i want the clients to get upgraded. which i have already installed through altris.

how could i upgrade so.

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hi ,

  Thk u..

 Can you  guide me step by step to upgrade the clients, and how can i differentiate the clients already installed with the new upgraded one.

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from the enforcer console Agents overview page you will get to know the agents version. and you can get to know the clients that needs to be upgraded.

check this article

Deploy DLP Endpoint Agent By Active Directory GPO

Installing the DLP Endpoint Agent with Altiris

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I have checked with this document already.

Will the Pc in enforce console will automatically get upgraded?, and the installation procedure as per the documents are in ON condition.

upgrade _Agent.Bat file has to run in clients, will this help to upgrade to latest version?

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no, it will not upgrade automatically. You need to take the action for upgrade.

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what i know in this upgrade of agent is only manual upgrade, no push deployment using the DLP console?

am i right?