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How to use the DataDomain system cleaning process

Created: 28 Oct 2009 • Updated: 21 May 2010 | 8 comments
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Hi All,

I hear DataDomain has DataDomain system cleaning process, any knows about it please let me know (command ine and how to run the cleaning process, also you can please share me DataDomain OS Admin Guide, I don't have access to DataDomain account because I like to learn on it before we implan datadomain in our system. Thanks.

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 This may help you

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Thanks in Advance
Zahid Haseeb

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Thanks but they said we need to check DD OS Administration to know how to run DD cleaning process

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Have you look in a DataDomain Forum, they can probably offer you more options.

Omar Villa

Netbackup Expert

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On Symantec forum website ? I couldn't fnd it event on DataDomain website it doens't have it, if you know where it is please share me the path, thanks


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You must be careful when planning your cleaning jobs.  They are very resource intensive on the DD devices, and they can take a good chunk of time to run (5-10 hours)

Be careful when capacity planning also.  If you find yourself in need of space on the DD, you can not just expire images in NBU and expect to see that space freed up.  You must expire the images, then run a cleaning job on the DD.

As for the syntax, from the CLI of the DD you can run the clean command -help, or -? (I cant remember which)  but it is very clear from the help documentation as to what you need to run.

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Commands matching "filesys clean":

  filesys clean reset {schedule | throttle | all}
                                       Reset (to default) the schedule
  filesys clean set schedule [daily | monthly | never] <day(s)> <time>
                                       Schedule when cleaning starts
  filesys clean set throttle <percent>
                                       Set cleaning throttle (100 => fastest,
                                       0 => slowest)
  filesys clean show config            Show the cleaning configuration
  filesys clean show schedule          Show the cleaning schedule
  filesys clean show throttle          Show the cleaning throttle
  filesys clean start                  Start cleaning now
  filesys clean status                 Show cleaning status
  filesys clean stop                   Stop the cleaning operation
  filesys clean watch                  Monitor cleaning process

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I switched companies and dont have access to DD's anymore, so I couldnt quickly print the help menu.

The throttling of the clean jobs is also important if you want backups to run through a cleaning.  I believe we had our throttle set at about 60%, and in times of dire need to get storage, 75%.