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How to use Ghost Boot Wizard to create Standard Ghost Boot disc that can be used for Windows 7?

Created: 01 Aug 2014 | 1 comment

I have a computer running Win 7 with Ghost 11.5.1 installed and with all the software and applications installed.   Now I want to clone it to 2nd and 3rd computer and then update the licenses on them so I can avoid the time-consuming software installtion.   I was able to do this on Win XP but with issue for Win 7. 

My Ghost version is installed on Win 7 Pro (4bit).  I used it to create a Boot Disc using its default PE (WIN PE 2).  the image I cloned could not boot on a new computer (same hardware).   

I googled a little bit and it looks like a WinPE V3 is needed for Win 7.  But the GHost Boot Wizard does not list WinPE V3 as a PreOS TYpe choice.

Is there a way to get around this?

Does the later version of Ghost have WinPE in Ghost Boot Wizard?

Any help is appreciated,


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When you created the boot environment, did you use Ghost Boot Wizard to add the necessary Vista 32 bit drivers for the NIC and SATA chipsets on your target system?  Win PE V2 will quite happily image Win 7 machines as long as it has drivers for the hardware.

However, some modern hardware no longer offers Vista drivers (although the chipset vendors often continue Vista driver support), and in this situation, you should look at this article:

There is some recent development activity on Ghost - see the thread about "when will come Ghost 3", that is near the top of the recent postings. If you don't have a maintenance agreement then you will have to wait and see what David comes up with regarding release of the updated code.

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