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How will exclude vault duplication for unwanted client

Created: 14 Nov 2012 • Updated: 16 Nov 2012 | 3 comments
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Hi Folks,

I dont know exactly it is possible.I have more the 500 client.We are taking vault duplication for weekly & monthly full backup and we used to send offsite for all secondary copy.

I want to take duplication for only production server(approximatly 300 clinet).I know we can add client name in vailt management profile for individual client.Any possible way to use exclude option in duplication backup schedule?

Need to exclude duplication backup for all developemnt server.



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there are different ways to exclude the unwanted images from Vault duplications..

you can select those serves based on 

media server

storage unit,

schedule name,

sechdule type

policy name

client name

disk pool name.

so please check which is more common for all developemnt servers and dont add those in the image selction in vault.

simple method is , create specific storage unit for Development backup,  and dont add that storage unit to the vault image slection.

you can try to cretate specific Shedule name  which can convay you that those are the developemnt server seheduls(Weekly-Full_DEV and Monthly-Full-DEV)  you can exclude them in Vault image selection.

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This is very good information buddy..Thanks a lot..Let me try with different schedule and will create another content if issues comes..



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As far as I know, no exclude touch file or setting available.

Nagalla has suggested what I think though, and it's a pretty clever trick to go because you don't have to select hundreds of client names in the filter.