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how will I check the cause of inconsistency

Created: 31 Jan 2014 • Updated: 31 Jan 2014 | 5 comments
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Hi All,
I ran below command on master server, but I have some question.
nbcc -gather 
nbcc -debug
nbcc -upgrade
If I'll get some catalog inconsistency, how will I check the cause of inconsistency. So I can rectify it and proceed further.
Your inputs would be much appreciated if you'll help me to find the cause for incosistency.
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Only Symantec Support have tools to analyze nbcc output.

You need to log a call and submit the zip-file.

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Thansk Marianne, for quick response.
I ran below command, by then the inconsistency removed. I dont know how this works, please shed some light on this.
nbcc -debug -use_reg_cmd 64
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You will see inconsistency  if any backup are running. The system need to be idle.

Assumption is the mother of all mess ups.

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It could be that between running the nbcc's that the cause of the inconsistency was no longer present.

This could be prevalent if the nbcc was run whilst backups were taking place:

Note: It is possible to run NBCC while NetBackup jobs are
      running, but this may make it more difficult to correct
      inconsistencies, because NBCC will be running against
      "a moving target".

So, there *are* ephemeral inconsistencies which 'disappear' during the normal course of action - e.g. assigned media with no images can be cleared by scheduled clean up routines