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How would you setup this software deployment?

Created: 10 Oct 2012 • Updated: 12 Oct 2012 | 2 comments
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Hi, I have a software tool that I want to deploy. the clients needs updated windows installer first so it can deal with the mst file. When the installer is updated it needs a reboot. I can then go ahead and install the app. At the moment I have 2 seperate jobs that I just push out when machine is online but would like to create a policy where these get installed in the correct order and after a reboot. Would this be simple enough ?

I have setup detection check for the app and installer also.

The first job does this :

install windows installer silently, no reboot.
set reboot status to yes (so the user gets the patch notification to reboot)

I then run the 2nd job when cleint install app.

Anything special i would have to do int he policy ?


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Ok what I would do is create a policy for both bits of software with the detection checks for each.

Put a requirement in to the second piece of software that says its dependant on the Windows Installer Service being installed before it can install.  This way you make sure it doesnt just attempt to install regardless.

For the first bit of software you need to just make the machine restart upon success of install of the Windows Install Service.

Set the policy to run in a maintenance window so the reboot wouldnt effect the users.

This way no matter what it will ensure both bits of software are installed and that the reboots happen as required.

Regards Jim.
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