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Howdo i Backup my SQL 2014 Database

Created: 24 Jul 2014 | 8 comments


i can´t backup or even connect to my sql server 2014 Std Edition?
What i did ...

I disabled the firewall at the remote server.
I added the service logon account to the security login of the sql 2014 server.
I added the system account sysadmin rights.

I installed the BE 2014 Agent

Is there any whitepaper, howto add and configure the agent on the remote server?

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Hi Juergen,

Check the TN below to make sure your BESA has the correct rights:

Can you connect to the RAWS agent from the media server by browsing it? If not, make sure that port 10000 is open on any firewall running on that SQL server.


Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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Firewall has been disabled on the remote Windows 2012 R2 server.
The Port 10000 should be open for SQL 2014

service account has local admi rights and has sysadmin right in SQL 2014 RTM

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...any AV installed on that server that might be blocking the RAWS agent?

Alternative ways to access Backup Exec Technical Support:

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No AV installed.

This is the error message.

Browse Failure

Failure to browse 'MSSQLSERVER'.

A network connection to the server could not be established.

QueryMetaData: MDQ_BackupResourceBrowsing_View
ResourceContainerID = '0b32966a-f313-4a2c-8340-29f943d81cba'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_ConnectionLogon = '10011001-1001-1001-0101-010101010101'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_QueryMode = '5'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DeviceName = '\MSSQLSERVER'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_DsType = 'Sql2Server'
MDS_BackupResourceBrowsing_View_Parameter_OsId = 'Sql2Id'

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If i TEST the logon account against the SQL 2014 i can select the System Logon Account and the remote server (that one with SQL 2014) and i have a Successful test against this server.

But i can`t Browse for the SQL database.

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Is the SQL Version wrong?

Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise: Core-based Licensing (64-bit)
Version 12.0.2000.8

I can browse the Remote C: Drive and System State for item selection.

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1. Is the SQL Server option licensed and installed on the media server?

2. Is Windows authentication enabled on the SQL instance?

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Problem (mostly) solved, maybe a bug ...:

The user (me) that works with the BE 2014 console
needs to have sysadmin rights on the database for browsing the sql server 2014 and it´s content.

And the user needs to have local admin rights on the remote server.

Strange ..

The system logon account (BESA) doesn´t need any rights on the SQL server 2014 NOT for browsing and NOT for taking backups!

works without BESA in the sql 2014 (security / login)


SQL 2014 is a VLK, onyl windown authentication enabled.

BE 2014 is taking backups of 4-5 SQL Servers (2005,2008,2012) in my network.